#Poem by John Kaniecki: #DetroitWomen

Find more of John Kaniecki's published poetry and writings on Amazon, Weebly and Jaded Books Publishing on the following links:  John Kaniecki on Amazon John Kaniecki on Weebly Jaded Books Publishing - John Kaniecki's Author Page   Detroit Women by John Kaniecki Detroit women are the finest I've known Sassy and classy They have a sphere... Continue Reading →

#ElieWiesel: #HolocaustSurvivor and #NobelPeacePrize Winner

 www.ElieWieselFoundation.org "Elie Wiesel was born in 1928 in Sighet, Transylvania, which is now part of Romania. He was fifteen years old when he and his family were deported by the Nazis to Auschwitz. His mother and younger sister perished, his two older sisters survived. Elie and his father were later transported to Buchenwald, where his... Continue Reading →

“12 Great African Women in History You Should Know”

    From the "Atlanta Black Star" originally published online on April 24, 2014 and written by Runoko Rashidi: It was in 180 C.E. that the first known Christian martyrs of Africa were executed. One of the most famous and most outstanding acts of martyrdom, however, occurred in the year 203 C.E. and centers around... Continue Reading →

The Real Story: #RioDeJaneiro #Olympics2016

The True Story of Modern Rio, the 2016 Site for the Summer Olympics, courtesy of the APImages Blog: "Not far from Rio’s posh Ipanema and Copacabana districts, narrow pathways lead to grim slums where poverty, drug gangs and young men with assault rifles dominate life for hundreds of thousands of residents. Bullet-riddled bodies lie in... Continue Reading →

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