#Poem by John Kaniecki: #DetroitWomen

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Worker at the Dodge Main plant in Hamtramck, Michigan, preparing wiring harnesses for military trucks. (Automotive Council for War Production Collection, National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library)


Detroit Women

by John Kaniecki

Detroit women are the finest I’ve known

Sassy and classy

They have a sphere of their own

Tecumseh was an Indian chief

Whenever he was stressing

And needed relief

He went to the blessing

Of the prettiest lady

He ever saw

Need I mention

She was a Detroit woman

Now times have changed

And the past is gone

But some fine, fine things

Have lingered on

Detroit women

Take ’em any style

Long and lean

Plump and firm

They’ll make you smile

They’ll make you squirm

Each one a beauty queen

If it’s Detroit women to choose

You can never lose

They’ll chase away your blues





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