“Capitalism At Work- Let’s Put It Out Of A Job” #Poetry by John Kaniecki



“Capitalism At Work- Let’s Put It Out Of A Job” by John Kaniecki

“The Missouri river

It delivers

Water to seven million and more

It needs to be pure

Let me make the bold declaration

I stand with the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota nation

We fight capitalistic power

The evil that seeks to devour

Now is the hour!


We don’t need a pipeline isn’t that plain?

Your greed is Satanically insane

Of Mother Earth you have no concern

When will you ever learn?


We are peaceful, non violent in every way

You are mercenaries, villains for pay

You set your dogs to attack

Sprayed mace upon our faces

Then like cowards you retreated back


Why do you sell your soul so cheap?

How do you sleep?

Do you not understand

We fight for our land

For the betterment of all

That is our righteous call”

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  1. White, greedy, power hungry, males will not stop until they have destroyed the planet and everything on it. They don’t understand anything but war, violence, and getting more for themselves. They are the most dangerous things that exist and I have no idea how to stop them.


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