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The Slaughter Of Loreal Tsingine

by John Kaniecki 4/30/2016

“Most citizens do not know
Or heard of the Navajo
All tribes slandered
Into the convenient box of ‘Injun’
All peoples slandered
By this injustice done

Apparently somebody stole a case of beer
Losing money America’s worst fear
A casual call to the police
From the convenience store
Agony, a declaration of war
Here’s the description they release
Native American woman
Gray sweatpants, white top
Native American woman
This reckless anarchy must stop
For if we don’t put them in their place
By mercy and God’s grace
The Great Spirit will bless their race
And all these lands shall be returned
And the pale face spurned

So what went down?
A police man came
Loreal didn’t want to be arrested
And who would?
The charges she contested
The nameless cop makes a claim
Scissors the woman drew
Upon the man in blue

One shot
Perhaps from surprise
Two shots
Well that’ll stop her cries
But five shots
Until she was good and dead

So long my dear daughter
Like the buffalo they did slaughter
As their crimes amount
More then we can count
It is up for us, those still sane
To make sure
Our sister did not die in vain

And the authorities will not even release a name
To tell us who was to blame
Cowards with no shame
Cowboys and ‘Injuns’ their sadistic game

Loreal Tsingine you sought no fame
For those you loved
Whom I am thinking of
Life will never be the same
I pray their misery
And this poetry
Will ignite a mighty flame
So to the whole world will proclaim
We are sick of this racist war

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