#Poem: “Revolution”


by: Dr. Swapan Basu

23rd February 2011

“Break! Break! Break the old rusty and

Make! Make! Make new better things.

In the year 2011, in the people’s land,

So many revolutions, we have to bring.

Long waited the deprived, ignored mass,

Without job, food, medicine or shelter.

How dare they make all of us harass?

Why do we live without a health care?

We build the wealth with hard labors,

With talent, innovating new products.

Companies fail due to bad managers,

But the wealth, the greedy CEOs suck.

In bad times they shed the workers

Slaughter them like innocent cattle.

While they keep looting and devour.

Only innocent workers die in the battle.

They don’t lose jobs or cut own salaries

Play golf and travel in personal jets.

The poor loses all and face miseries

Silently looks for jobs without benefits.

When will the people wake up in rage?

Protest against all these mistreatments.

When will they tear off the bondage?

Shake up the society, failed governments.

Weapons are weaker than the awakened mass

On 14th July, in France, fell the fortress of Bastille.

Threw stones to break rocks, railings and glass.

Broomstick, shovel, rods won over tanks and rifle.

In Nepal, they dethroned the monarch,

Military dictator was deposed in Pakistan.

In Egypt, at Tahirir Square, people march.

Presidents Musharaf, Mubarak reluctantly ran.

Listen to a poet America, don’t be so afraid

You are the Lord, gave power to the Congress

The courts, military are your servants, maid

Use your weak muscles to end your distress.

Demand job security, free health care

Stop the Government’s criminal force.

Establish your freedom without a fear

Chaos brings order to set the right course.

They have money for the useless wars,

But not for education or free medicine.

If you tolerate, things would get worse.

To them taxing the rich friends is a sin.

Break! Break! Break the cruel capitalist hand

Strike! Strike and let the liberty bell ring

Injustice, slavedom, you must not withstand.

Let us pray together, march, yell and sing.

Poets and singers! Open up ordinary people’s sight

Because your pen and voice are mightier than a rifle

Listen to a poet America! Sing the glory of human rights

Demand basic needs for taxes. It is a survival struggle.

Enquire where did our money, wealth go?

Ask why we fought a war based on lies,

Try the criminals. The war mongers duo

We can not detain and torture without trial.

Come out my dear poor brothers and sisters,

Grab the lit torch from the Statue of Liberty,

Hold the tricolor flag high, spangled with stars

Demand Democracy to America! You Almighty!”


Find More of Dr. Basu’s work at the following links:





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