#Poetry: “America! The Superpower!” by Dr. Basu

“America, the Superpower, a champion of human rights.

Preaches to the world, of the great democratic principles.

Everybody pays attention, threatened by its military might.


Anyone opposes its wrongful war is a dangerous terrorist.

They are not peace lovers but slogan shouting criminals.

America, the Superpower, the teacher of human rights.


Without charges can detain anybody for periods indefinite.

They cannot have lawyers, cannot defend but rot in jails.

Everybody salutes attention, terrorized by its military might.

A labor leader was imprisoned for asking for pension benefit.

CEO’s play golf, steal millions but slaves get no medicals?

America, the Superpower, a campaigner of Human Right?

A woman got raped but then the state forced her to give birth.

An unwanted child raised with hatred becomes an antisocial.

Everybody draws attention, trembling by its military might.


One cannot marry one’s love but it is the state who would dictate.

Builds bomb, tank, spacecraft but not provide public health.

America, the Super rich, is also a stalwart of Human Right?


Prisoners at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay meet utter plight.

Vicious dogs bite naked men, forcefully emptying testicles.

Everybody is overcautious, frightened by its military might.

America! The Superpower?


Disregard the ballots by the folks, declared the Supreme Court.

They have no qualification, not much education, all too simple.

The Statue of Liberty cries America, where is Human Right?


Ignoring all nations, with false accusations, went into a fight.

Eves drops without caring courts, congress or rights of people.

Everybody pays attention, too scared of its military might.


Why did Rodney King get brutal beatings in a black night?

Why fifty bullets were fired to kill Sean Bell like a cattle?

Why did the court turn blind eyes and not protect human rights?


In August of 45, ‘Enola Gay’ took the most frightful flight

​Hiroshima, Nagasaki vaporized, a genocide with no example.

​Everyone remembers the horror by America, a super terrorist.


The poor, hungry, angry mass lowered the Guillotine’s height.

In France, on 14th of July, fell the strong fortress of Bastille.

Learn America, learn! Do not be afraid of its military might.


People of Iran protested against the Shah raising angry fists

America took the side of Shag ignoring people’s struggle

They held diplomats hostage without fearing a military might.


Poets and singers can easily open up ordinary people’s sight.

Please use the weapon as your ‘Pen is mightier than a rifle’.

Listen to a poet, America and sing the glory of Human Right.


People hibernate like volcanoes, dangerous when erupt.

Weapons are weaker than the awakened mass, most awful.

America! What a caricature, a violator of Human Right.

Arise! People of America! Don’t be scared of military might.”
 Dr. Swapan Basu

Newark, New Jersey USA

A Super Villanelle

16th June 2006

Find More of Dr. Basu’s work at thefollowing link:





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