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  1. My blogs deal more with my life struggles/experiences, hoping they help at least one person feel like they aren’t alone…depression, anxiety, suicide, uncertainty, etc. Along with adding a little humor to blogs since its my defense mechanism.


    Also thanking you for posting this not only does it allow for others to see your work, you also find new people to follow and read along with generating new ideas by gaining different perspectives from others.

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  2. I’m new at blogging and i’m up to writing about anything follow my blog , like & share..

    also i’m working on showing others how I make money with Twitter @ ayeree.com
    the site isn’t finished yet but you can still follow! Thanks 💕

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  3. poetry is the seasonal change of immature to mature nature that has generation after generation carried humanity
    we fought to have freedom to be able to converse and administer tribal hope and dreams and thus skills of one help others we have lost this by the way of who places value on another’s skills
    the lord christ and god himself did not say who is a black or white but we have and why
    because we are trying to assume a role that is not ours
    we are still that frighten tribal mentality
    forgive use to be our compassion but it is lost by minority that minority has created more hate than any other regime
    so as a poet my words are for the people all people who live in hope of equality

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