“#Meditation Instead of #Medication”

Meditation Instead of Medication – Why it’s That Much Better

Posted by Deniz Yalım

When you think of meditation, I bet your mind wanders to people in robes sitting cross-legged, eyes closed, with their hands resting on their knees and a loud “ohm” coming from their mouth. You wouldn’t be that far off from how meditation was performed back in the day – and even sometimes still.

What is meditation?

Meditation is known as the means of transforming your mind. Now, if you’re someone who doesn’t normally meditate or you’re just a beginner looking to figure it out, then that can be quite confusing. The practice of meditation involves closing your eyes, calming your mind, and finding a sense of deep peace within yourself. It’s shutting your mind off to the outside world and achieving a sense of wholeness within oneself.

All the Benefits

When it comes to the psychological benefits of regular meditation, the list can really go on forever. Here’s a look into the best benefits your mind can get from practicing meditation.

Stress Relief

If this benefit isn’t obvious, I don’t know what it. By closing your mind off to the outside world you are releasing any tension and stress that you are holding onto from that day. When you’re in a state of peace with yourself, that peace will extend on to the stresses in your life and lift them away.

Increased Energy Levels

Meditation is known for being able to adequately rest your mind without sleep. When you meditate and shut your mind off from the world, you are recharging your whole mind and body. This means that you will have much higher levels of energy than before. You will have an extra “pep in your step” as they say!

Increased Concentration

Increased concentration is a definite benefit that meditation offers. Due to your increased energy levels, your mind is much better equipped to deal with focusing on certain tasks. It is also well-known that since meditation gives you better concentration, it is much easier for people who regularly meditate to multitask!

Higher Self-Esteem

When you meditate and become at peace with yourself, your self-esteem will sky rocket. With inner peace comes the sense of self-worth and accepting all of your flaws. You will notice that you see yourself in a much better light when you begin meditating.

Encourages Health

Meditation is a very eye opening to the world of being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. And when you turn to meditation in your life, it helps you realize that your body is a temple and you should start treating it that way. Not only that, but when you find peace within yourself, there is no need to fulfill happiness with junk food, alcohol, or other health damaging foods or substances. This will in turn lead you to having a better mental state if you’re only feeding your body beneficial items.

More Happiness

Overall, the practice of meditation will make you happier in your life. By easing stress, helping you concentrate, giving you more energy, and increasing your self-esteem, you will find it much easier to find happiness wherever you go.

Meditation is a powerful tool that helps many people battle everyday struggles. When it comes to mental health, meditation is the best medication. You can start or improve your meditation habit with simple 30 Days of Meditation Workbook.

 Original Source: www.BayArt.org


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