“More Than The Madness”  Memoirs of John Kaniecki


​”What defines a human being? To me, suffering from bipolar for a large part of my life, it seemed to be my mental illness. Between the ages of twenty to around twenty four, I was hospitalized seven times, three times of which I was committed. I was thrust into a struggle for my very life. Thoughts of suicide accompanied my depression and there were times where I couldn’t do anything more but lie in bed and think about how I would kill myself.

​I was faced with a make or break situation. The fact that I am alive writing this article shows that I have persevered. Not only have I persevered but I have overcome. I am no longer defined by my mental illness. Rather I am acutely aware that my being is “More Than The Madness”. That also is in fact the title to my newly published memoirs.

​This book deals with my early years. From birth until around age twenty four when I was put on Clozaril a medicine which stabilized my bipolar illness. What lies in between is one hell of a story. Not only do I explore the world of the mentally ill with psychiatric hospitals, insane comrades, a complex system and such but I also explore my most interesting life. Some highlights are my experiences growing up in an affluent but cruel neighborhood, my college years, my use of drugs, hitchhiking across the United States and my night in jail when I was on a manic high.

​You will find parts of this book totally insane as the time when I went to the United Nations and told them I had a message from God. There are tender parts as I explore the rigors of my life. There is also a good deal to laugh about and to think over. It is an entertaining read at surface value. It is a book of inspiration. But above all it is a book of humanity. A book that boldly declares that I am in fact “More Than The Madness”.

​Please support me in my effort to destroy the stigmata that is associated with mental illness. Purchase a copy of my memoirs to learn the truth about mental illness; that it is in fact something that can be controlled and that we too are human beings. This is a unique flower you will encounter on the path of life. Take time to smell its fragrance.”

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  1. What a great book title! Congratulations on the debut of your memoir!

    You might like my song “More Than Bipolar”….I’m sharing it with you, even though I’m an extremely amateur singer/guitarist – it was written from the heart.

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