New Jersey Peace Action

“Peace Action is the nation’s largest grass roots organization. It was founded as SANE (later to become SANE/Freeze) in 1957.

Our goals are:

  • Abolish Nuclear War
  • Promote a more peaceful economy
  • Bring an end to weapons trafficking
  • Encourage non-military solutions to international conflicts
  • Promote conflict resolution at all levels.

Peace Action’s national headquarters are in Washington D.C. Policies are decided democratically at annual national conferences and through a Board of Directors elected by the grassroots affiliates.
The Northern New Jersey Affiliate – NJ Peace Action, always one of the nation’s most active groups, is based in Bloomfield with chapters throughout the state local communities.

What we do…

We lobby for policy changes in Congress, the United Nations, Trenton and in towns like yours

We educate and publish a hotline on federal legislation and annual voting records for every member of congress on peace and justice issues

We print fact sheets to better inform the public, hold public meetings on important issues and speak out in the press

We promote conflict resolution programs in New Jersey Schools and encourage future generations to solve problems

We organize at the grassroots level to encourage citizens to vote for candidates who support our views on peace and social issues.

Join NJ Peace Action
Become a Donating Member Today!
Peace Action is a grassroots organization which relies on its members as its greatest strength. Your annual dues will go towards building a world where resources are directed to meet human needs instead of preparing for war and where war is no longer an acceptable means of resolving conflict. You can become a member of Peace Action by providing a donation. Donations can be accepted by mail, by phone or online. 

Click on Donate in order to instantly donate online using a credit card.

Contributors who would like to donate by mail with check, money order or credit card can also print this form out and send it in completed, along with your contribution to Peace Action at:

Contact Info

New Jersey Peace Action | 673 Bloomfield Avenue | Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Phone 973-259-1126 | Fax 973-259-1139

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Call For Submissions


New Jersey Peace Action (NJPA) is seeking poetry and short prose writing to celebrate its sixtieth year. Since 1957, NJPA has been working for a world without nuclear weapons and a world where diplomacy replaces war as the way of resolving international disputes. I invite you to explore the NJPA website to get a better feel for the kind of organization it is.


We are accepting poems and short prose works that are in line with the ideals of New Jersey Peace Action. They will be a part of a booklet celebrating Peace Action’s sixtieth anniversary. There is no compensation other than knowing that you helped to contribute to something good and relevant to today’s world.


Please send all submissions to . All submissions must be in the body of the email. No attachments will be opened. Shorter pieces will have a better chance of being accepted but we won’t turn away anything great. We will accept previously published works if you have the rights to them.


In your cover letter please tell us a little about yourself, including whether you are a senior citizen, adult, teenager or child and where you are from. If you could also share your personal thoughts in this cover letter about how to achieve world peace, that would be great. We may publish your thoughts and short bio as part of your submission.


We are trying to create a unified diversity, one that reflects the fact that despite any differences we may hold, world peace is a necessary and achievable goal.


At this point we are going to reopen to submissions. I will be giving out rejections for those who didn’t make it past the first cut. Most likely if you don’t get a rejection you will be published. I am working in conjuncture with others so that I will not be making the decision by myself. So please feel free to send in submissions again.

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