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  1. Hello! I am a Marine Corps Veteran with PTSD, working full time as a single mother with very little help on a journey toward whole wellness (mind, body, and spirit). I write from my experiences, my thoughts, my observations, in an effort to spread awareness, improve education, decrease bias and prejudice, and hopefully help others who are themselves on a similar path or know someone who is and wish to support them. My goals are to encourage, enlighten, and entertain. Enjoy!


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  2. While I write purely for my own enjoyment at this time. Having a wide variety of interests and truly do not know how I would define it. If wish to, check out selectivethoughts.com . Interested for suggestions on topics and ideas which may give me a opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions. Always a curious and a open mind. Viewpoints can be shared on many levels and perhaps have posts of one point of view and link up with another point of view, As with everything. There are interpretations, perceptions and prospectives. And every person alive adds a part of who we are as a people.

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