“Quotations About Truth”

The small truth has words that are clear; the great truth has great silence. ~Rabindranath Tagore   We shall advance when we have learned humility; when we have learned to seek truth, to reveal it and publish it; when we care more for that than for the privilege of arguing about ideas in a fog … Continue reading “Quotations About Truth”

March for Truth: NYC, LA and Washington DC on June 3, 2017

We need your help. We are asking for cities around the country to organize. We are looking for volunteers across the country to help secure permits, find speakers and entertainment, and take care of logistics to make this peaceful assembly matter.

Activism and Self-Care

Author: "Diana Raab, Ph.D., is an expert in helping others transform and become empowered through creativity, especially writing. She is a memoirist, poet, blogger, essayist, educator and facilitates workshops in writing for healing and transformation. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology with a concentration in Transpersonal Psychology, and a research focus on the healing and transformative powers of memoir writing."

“Divestment and Bank Exit: How We Fight Pipelines Everywhere”

With a radical Republican agenda threatening this nation on so many fronts, many of us are spread thin fighting back. How do we prioritize our time, our money, and our energies? We see so many threats, including to workers, immigrants, women’s reproductive rights, health care, public education, and consumer financial protection.   On all these … Continue reading “Divestment and Bank Exit: How We Fight Pipelines Everywhere”

“Black Youth Project”: Mission and Description

OUR MISSION The Black Youth Project will examine the attitudes, resources, and culture of the young, urban black millennial, exploring how these factors and others influence their decision-making, norms, and behavior in critical domains such as sex, health, and politics. Arguably more than any other subgroup of Americans, African American youth reflect the challenges of … Continue reading “Black Youth Project”: Mission and Description