“The Right’s Ayn Rand Hypocrisy”

By Elizabeth Stoker, Salon March 2, 2014   "Conservatives booted atheists from CPAC, but love a raging anti-Christian. The reason has to do with economic greed. Earlier this week, CNN reported that American Atheists, an advocacy group for atheists and atheism, would have a booth at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference. The idea behind... Continue Reading →

“How the Right-Wing Koch and DeVos Families Are Funding Hate Speech on College Campuses Across the U.S.”

By Alex Kotch / AlterNet April 18, 2017   On March 2, eugenicist Charles Murray attempted to give a lecture at Middlebury College in Vermont, with little success. Protesters shouted him down and he was sequestered in another room to answer questions over a livestream. Afterwards, Murray left the campus, but not before protesters blocked... Continue Reading →

“How American Oligarchs Are Pushing America to the Brink of Fascism”

By Thom Hartmann / AlterNet February 5, 2015     As the American Heritage Dictionary noted, fascism is, "A system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism."     Well, it may well be on our doorstep. And the... Continue Reading →

“Five Ways You Can Support Mental Health Awareness Month 2017”

      Throughout the month of May, GoodTherapy.org is excited to participate in Mental Health Awareness Month (referred to in some circles as Mental Health Month) for the 10th time since the company was founded in 2007. In that time, we’ve seen steps forward and backward as policies and conversations have shifted along with... Continue Reading →

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