#Monday Blog Share

Karmic Reaction Blog has an international audience with a wide variety and range of interests, including: Arts, Culture, History, Music, Science and Writing. We have over 8,000 subscribers and followers from more than two dozen different countries.


Thanks for visiting often!


Lets grow together!! Join us by sharing your blog name and URL and any additional details in the comments below.





  1. Hi.

    Thanks for the invitation to share, and the chance to check out other sites. I appreciate it.

    My site is exclusively a vehicle for my poetry. I’m currently responding to Daily prompts from my archives, writing a poem a day for at least a year (6 months done), and coming to the end of a long ‘psychiatry’ series.

    A recent post is here: https://frankprem.wordpress.com/2017/02/20/measuring-uphill/

    Cheers and thanks.


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  2. I’m Ilene and my blog is called cancerbus.com – I have metastatic breast cancer and post my #cancerpoetry and my new life with #breastcancer and how it effects a life including relatives, friends, family, love, and work. Life is full of many things but I can say making new friends via my blog and other online platforms has surprised and delighted me. Thank you so much for letting me share.

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  3. My name is Issa Khari… my self titled highlights things going on in my life (obviously) be it my art, involvement in #blacklivesmatter, Photoshoot etc… thanx for the opportunity. Peace & Prosperity to you all…

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  4. Hi my name is Tam… love sharing my passion for for writing with others. Wonderful family, open and inviting… welcome all who respect others passions without offense or judgment… just keep it clean! Its all good when we chose to see with a good eye.

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  5. Love what you put out into the world!

    I’ve got a creative project I’m trying to get off the ground. If anyone reading is looking for a good source of make-believe news or interesting shirts check out funked.com.

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