Poem: “Time To Stand Up?”

by John Kaniecki


When Pilgrim pride
Committed genocide
Did you stand?
When from across the sea
Merchants delt chattel slavery
Did you stand?
When immigrants of all ages
Were paid starvation wages
Did you stand?
When Jim Crow did reign
Inflicting bitter pain
Did you stand?
When they desecrated sacred Mother Earth
Violating indigenous worth
Did you stand?
When imperialism dominated
And atrocities were created
Did you stand?
When the police time and time again
Gun down black young men
Did you stand?
When the C.I.A. in sin
Flooded the hood with heroin
Did you stand?
When trillions were spent on war
And nothing to the poor
Did you stand?
Did you stand for every injustice and wrong?
Then why should I stand for your racist song?



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  1. This reminds me of the 1954 poem “The Hangman” by Maurice Ogden that I just came across at a “Voice of the Voiceless” awards dinner here in El Paso, to draw attention to the plight of migrants and refugees. The poem was revised to challenge us to stand up in the face of injustices going on today against immigrants, Muslims, Jews, etc.

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