#TheResistance: “StayWoke”

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StayWoke uses a radically inclusive approach to organizing that engages thousands of learners, builders, and activists in the work of creating solutions to advance equity and justice in America. Learn more about us here. Together, we can win.

If you’d like to partner with us on one or more project, or want to propose a new project to be included, email info@staywoke.org.



StayWoke Planning Team

DeRay Mckesson (@deray), 31, is a protestor, dedicated to ending police and state violence. He is a Teach For America alum, having taught 6th grade math in NYC. He has been documenting the events of the movement via twitter and is the Founder and Co-Editor of the Ferguson Protestor Newsletter. He is an activist, organizer, and educator focusing primarily on issues impacting children, youth, and families. He previously worked for the Harlem Children’s Zone and TNTP, opened an academic enrichment center in West Baltimore, and with Baltimore City Public Schools and Minneapolis Public Schools leading systemic human capital change. deray@thisisthemovement.org


Samuel Sinyangwe (@samswey), 26, is a policy analyst and data scientist who works with communities of color to fight systemic racism through cutting-edge policies and strategies. Samuel co-founded Mapping Police Violence to support activists across the country to collect and use data to fight police violence and co-founded Campaign Zero to advocate for local, state, and federal policy solutions to end police violence. Samuel has been featured on MSNBC, CNN, BBC, LA Times, the Forbes 30 under 30 and The Root 100. Previously, Samuel worked at PolicyLink to support a national network of 61 Promise Neighborhoods communities to build cradle-to-career systems of support for low-income families. He grew up in Orlando, FL and graduated from Stanford University in 2012, where he studied how race and racism impact the U.S. political system. sam@thisisthemovement.org


Brittany Packnett (@MsPackyetti) 31, is a St. Louis native raised in a tradition of social justice. Brittany leads nationally on issues of educational equity, youth leadership development, service and equity in marginalized communities. She is a former Washington, DC elementary teacher, a policy advocate and expert, and currently runs a major education non-profit in St. Louis serving 20,000 low-income children of color. Brittany has committed her life and career to justice, and in Ferguson and beyond, is an active protestor, activist, and organizer. Since the death of Michael Brown, Brittany has helped organize for change and worked on the planning teams of the Ferguson Protestor Newsletter, We The Protestors, and co-founded Campaign Zero, a comprehensive policy platform to end police violence in America. Brittany served as a stalwart community voice to the Ferguson Commission and President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing as an appointee to each, and continues to advocate for urgent systemic change at critical decision making tables and through national and international media. She has been named one TIME Magazine’s 12 New Faces of Black Leadership, featured in The Root and The Ebony 100, and shares the 2015 Peter Jennings Award for Civic Leadership with Deray McKesson. She believes that the arc of the universe does indeed bend toward justice-but it is our job to bend it. brittany@thisisthemovement.org


John Emerson (@backspace) is an activist, graphic designer, writer, and programmer based in New York City. He has designed web sites, printed materials and motion graphics for leading media companies as well as local and international non-profit organizations including Amnesty International USA, Human Rights Watch, the Committee to Protect Journalists, and the United Nations. His writing about graphic design has been published in Communication Arts and PRINT, featured in Metropolis, HOW, and The Wall Street Journal. Since 2002, he has published Social Design Notes, a weblog of writings and clippings on design and activism at his website http://backspace.com/


Peter Schmalfeldt (@mrmidi) has been in the business of building custom Web/Mobile Applications for nearly 20 years. He has created and managed custom enterprise level applications for Anheuser-Busch, AT&T, and Nike. His current focus is on Open Source (FOSS) Projects that make it possible for citizens to be a part of what is happening in their Local, State and Federal Government.


Matt Stauffer (@stauffermatt), 32, is a teacher and a web developer. He’s a partner and the technical director at Tighten Co., a web development consultancy; a frequent conference speaker; and the author of O’Reilly’s Laravel: Up and Running. Matt also blogs on race and justice at https://mattstauffer.org/ and works to bring together technologists for progress at Tech Forward.


StayWoke is a 501(c)(4) organization and digital accelerator that engages thousands of learners, builders, and activists in the work of advancing equity and justice in America. Together, we will win.


For all inquiries and suggestions, reach out to us at info@staywoke.org.”

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