“World Lion Day” – August 10, 2017

              History of the Lion from: http://www.worldlionday.com/history-2/     In 1994 three cave explorers discovered some of the world’s oldest prehistoric cave paintings in the Ardèche Valley of Southern France. Known as the Chauvet Cave this famed archeological site revealed how Paleolithic man lived some 32,000 years ago but also... Continue Reading →

Poem: “I Am Palestine” by John Kaniecki

    I Am Palestine By John Kaniecki Deplored, ignored Your masses are stored Like cattle in stalls Behind check points of barb wired walls Soldier’s boasting David’s golden star Have forgotten their historical scar Dark storm troopers marching in line Rudely declaring your land is mine As jet planes drop bombs with precision The... Continue Reading →

Music: “White Privilege 2” Lyrics

https://genius.com/Macklemore-and-ryan-lewis-white-privilege-ii-lyrics " "White Privilege II" (with Ryan Lewis and Jamila Woods) Pulled into the parking lot, parked it Zipped up my parka, joined the procession of marchers In my head like, "Is this awkward, should I even be here marching?" Thinking if they can't, how can I breathe? Thinking that they chant, what do I... Continue Reading →

“3 Ways to Get Rid of President Trump Before 2020”

 BY ROSA BROOKS  JANUARY 30, 2017 "Are we really stuck with this guy? It’s the question being asked around the globe, because Donald Trump’s first week as president has made it all too clear: Yes, he is as crazy as everyone feared. Remember those optimistic pre-inauguration fantasies? I cherished them, too. You know: “Once he’s... Continue Reading →

#SocialEgineering: What is it? 

"How Can I Protect Against Social Engineering Hacks?     Dear Lifehacker, My passwords are strong, but if hackers can convince tech support into thinking they're me with a few easy-to-Google details, what can I really do to protect myself? Also, how can I avoid being unwittingly manipulated by these kinds of attacks? Signed, Concerned... Continue Reading →

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