UPDATED: #TheResistance: American Advocacy Tools

Click Here for the Original Source with Live Links: https://www.resistancemanual.org/Tools_of_Resistance

Intervening to Stop Everyday Injustices

Active Bystander Strategies from NYU
Intervention and Deescalation Resources
Roundup on #YouOKSis
Street Harassment: A Bystander’s Guide by Hollaback
Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks by the Barnard Center for Research on Women
What to do if you are witnessing Islamophobic harassment
How to Respond to Everyday Bigotry, by the Southern Poverty Law Center
Volunteering Volunteering
ATN Works: Find volunteer opportunities in the movement and find volunteers for your movement organization
See also Organizations Looking for Volunteers

Advocacy Tools Contacting Elected Officials

Call the Halls: Contacting Your Representative the Smart Way
Congressional committee maps, so you can easily see who to contact about what issues
Indivisible, A Guide for Advocating to Congress
Congressional Cheat Sheet from Indivisible
Congressional Recess Toolkit, from Organizing for America
How to call your reps when you have social anxiety
Contact Info
Call US Senators and Representatives: tel:(844)872-0234
Call US Senators and Representatives via a web interface, CallGov.
Contact state representatives.
FaxZero is a service that allows you to send free faxes to your senator or representative.
Check out this guide to every member of the 115th Congress.
Town Hall Project, a listing of representatives’ upcoming town hall meetings
Contacting the White House
White House Comment Line: Just because the White House shut down their comment line doesn’t mean you can’t contact them.

White House’s official list of executive orders

Track Trump and Trump Tracker, two groups/sites that track Trump’s promises compared to his actions
Trump Tracker—The Guardian

Scripts and Alerts

5 Calls, a step-by-step guide organized by issue, including WHO to call and WHAT to say
Alder, an iPhone app that gives you one relevant political action every day.
Call Your Reps, free iPhone app
Sign up for CallsForChange to get a weekly text and/or email with background on issues, a sample script, and the phone numbers for your members of Congress for one-tap calling from your smartphone.
The Sixty Five, weekly advocacy calls to action
Try Voices, app for advocacy alerts and help calling reps
What Do I Do About Trump’s Action Hub has action alerts, mainly legislative-oriented, from 80+ groups
Action Alliance, an alliance of 80+ call-to-action sites/organization

Guides for Organizing

Political Research’s Associates, Guide on Challenging the Right and Advancing Social Justice
Unite Guide
Organizing for Action Step-By-Step Guides
Revolution of Values, focusing on arts and activism and Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Citizen’s Campaign
Indivisible, a guide to contacting your legislators

Issue Guides

Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence
Breakthrough Campus Organizing Guide (focused on ending gender-based violence on campus)
Disability Justice
Civic Engagement Toolkit for Self-Advocates, from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Immigrant Rights
Immigrant Defense Project, Toolkit to Defend Against ICE Raids and Community Arrests
Mijente, Guide to expanding sanctuary policies
Newspaper.png Communications

Talking to Others About the Issues

Digital Advocacy 101: A Guide to Showing Up, Speaking Out, and Connecting on Twitter and Facebook
Guide for Talking to White People in the Moment of Trump
How to Talk to Your Loved Ones About a Donald Trump Presidency
How to have better political conversations
Talk Trump Out
Talk About Trayvon: A Toolkit for White People
Secure Ways of Leaking to the Press

Freedom of the Press Foundation’s guide to sharing sensitive leaks with the press 

The Associated Press (AP)
The Center for Public Integrity, 910 18th St., NW, Ste 700, Washington DC 20006 USA
The Guardian
The Intercept
The New York Times
ProPublica—for reporting climate change information removed from the federal government’s website
Tell On Trump—for federal government employees
The Washington Post

Communications Platforms

WDTM Platform: An organizing, communication, and project management tool for action groups
Dust, an app for disappearing text messages and photos that is similar in some ways to Snapchat
Guerrilla Mail, disposable temporary e-mail addresses
Wire, fully encrypted end-to-end alternative to Skype for every platform (desktop & mobile)
Whisper Systems, secure messaging
Twilio, create responsive phone/text sequences
Twitter, connect and share ideas
WhatsApp, group texting (not secure!)
Hello Fax, send & receive faxes from your computer, free with a Gmail address
Working with Media
Guide to Writing Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor, including specific information for almost 100 specific newspapers across the US

How to Protest

Methods of Nonviolent Direct Action
Witness’s Tips for Livestreaming Protests
Protest Tools
Protest signs/art
Pussy Hat Project
Raise That Flag
Resist Symbol
What Makes America Great, designs highlighting what really makes America great
Creating Demands
Collection of Protest Demands (Including Campus Demands)
General strike demands
Tracking Legislation / Litigation Tracking Legislation / Litigation
Tracking Legislation
Cabinet Votes, track senators’ votes on Trump’s cabinet]
Countable, follow legislators and issues
Gov Track, track Congressional legislation
Issue Voter, keep track of how your reps have voted
LegiScan, track state legislation
Open States, track state legislation
Progressive Map, see what states have which progressive policies (beta)
Tracking Litigation (court cases)
SCOTUS Blog, track Supreme Court cases
Advocating to Businesses / Banks Advocating to Businesses / Banks
AdStrike, advocate for corporations to stop advertising on hate/fake news sites
The Donald J. Trump Resistance, mainly a boycott
Don’t Pay Trump. an extension that tells you if you’re shopping at a website that stocks Trump products:
Grab Your Wallet, boycott companies selling Trump family products or otherwise financially benefitting Trump
Injustice Boycott, working currently in NYC, San Francisco, and Standing Rock
Sleeping Giants, getting companies to blacklist Breitbart in their ads
Swich, an app that tells you how socially responsibly you’re spending your money
White House, Inc., call one of Trump’s business properties
No Maiz Gringo
A list of banks that support DAPL that you may want to divest from
A Smarter Choice, how to find a credit union, should you want to divest from your big bank
Blackout Coalition has a list of black-owned banks to support instead:
Backing Black Business and Support Black Owned have maps of black-owned businesses to support
Elections/Campaigns Elections / Campaigning
Ballotpedia, information on Upcoming Elections and Candidates
Ballot Ready, information on local elections and ballot measures
Swing Left: find the Congressional district nearest to you that might be able to swing left in 2018
League of Women Voters Voter Guide
Finding a Campaign
Code Blue
Justice Democrats
Knock Every Door
Road to 2018
Resurgent Left
Swing Left
Unrig the Map
VoteRiders, get the info you need about voting and IDs
Political Campaign Tools
Carpool Vote, getting people to the polls
Crowd Pac, campaign crowdfunding platform
Inclusiv, linking people of color with jobs in campaigns and politics
NationBuilder, online organizing/campaign platform builder
Thunderclap, amplifying a message on social media
See also Elections
Political Training Political Training
Training to Run for Office
314, helping elect STEM-trained candidates
The Arena Summit
Emerge America (many state chapters)
Emily’s List and Run to Win, Emily’s List’s political recruitment campaign
New American Leaders Project
New Leaders Council
New Politics
Only if You Run (funding for seats in the most gerrymandered states)
Run for Office (find the offices you are eligible to run for)
Run For Something (specializes in progressives younger than 35)
She Should Run
Victory Fund, helping elect LGBTQ+ candidates
Vote Run Lead
Non-Candidate Political/Leadership Training
Center for Third-World Organizing, a racial justice organization dedicated to building a social justice movement led by people of color
Front Line Leaders Academy
Project South
Rockwood Leadership Institute
Social Venture Network
Standing in Our Power, leadership development for women of color
Wellstone Action

Self-Care Tools Self-Care Tools

Finding Steady Ground
How To Avoid Being Psychologically Destroyed By Your Newsfeed by Ann Douglas. January 30, 2017
How to Stay Outraged Without Losing Your Mind by Mirah Curzer. January 16, 2017.
Productivity in Terrible Times by Eileen Webb. January 5, 2017.
Revel Reflect Recharge by Annette Kraus: Motivation and methods to keep resisting for the long haul.

Activism Resources for Federal Employees

Dissenting from Within the Trump Administration, by Just Security
Guide to Sharing Key Information with the Public
Tell on Trump—whistleblowing for government employees

For Journalists and Writers

Bias-free language guide, University of New Hampshire
Covering Immigration Under Trump, Media Matters for America
Disability Language Style Guide, National Center on Disability and Journalism
GLAAD Media Reference Guide
Guide to Avoiding Ableist Language
Identity-First Language, Autistic Self Advocacy Center
Guide to Covering Asian America, Asian American Journalists Association
Several takes on covering Trump’s tweets: [1], [2], [3],
Journalists’ Toolbox for covering election/politics
National Association of Black Journalists Style Guide
Resistanc, a resistance news site looking for contributors
Digital Journalist’s Legal Guide
Postmatic Press, services for independent news organizations

For Lawyers

Pro Bono Work and Malpractice Coverage: A Guide for the Pro Bono Attorney, American Bar Association
Pro Bono Opportunities
Advocates for Human Rights
Brennan Center
Immigration Equality
Southeast Immigrant Freedom Initiative: lawyers in the southeast US can sign up to provide pro bono legal support to immigrants
Water Protector Legal Collective: legal support for the DAP resistance
CLINIC Legal: Defending Vulnerable Populations Project
Lawyers for Good Government
Immigration Justice
International Refugee Assistance Project chapters at law schools
Filing petitions for the immigration EO
Immigration Law: A Primer
Federal Courts 2013 (Golove) Outline
Federal Courts (Long) Outline
Federal Habeas Corpus Manual for CA State Prisoner
Legal templates from Yale Law School

For Librarians

Libraries Resist Resource List
Advocate from Anywhere
Library Freedom Project workshops for librarians

For Religious Leaders

Tools for Sanctuary and Solidarity, Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice
Matthew 25 Movement
Information on Rapid Response Teams to shelter undocumented immigrants
Revolutionary Love
Sanctuary Not Deportation has a Raids Rapid Response Toolkit for faith allies
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism: resources for rabbis
For Teachers
Center for News Literacy: Teaching news literacy
Facing History: Educator Resources
Schools in Transition: A Guide for Supporting Transgender Students in K-12 Schools
First Amendment Schools: Lesson plans
GLSEN: Educator Resources and Safe Space Kit
How Schools Can Support Transgender Students, from Lambda Legal
NYT: Civics lesson plan
NYT: Teaching and learning about fake news
PBS: How to teach your students about fake news
PBS: The price of a free press
Radical Teacher, resource guides for educators (and more)
Supporting Immigrant Students, New York Immigration Coalition
Teach Progress, strengthening our democracy one school at a time
Teaching Tolerance, from the Southern Poverty Law Center
Trans Student Educational Resource
Volunteering with Refugees, an online class from the Refugee Center
ACE Space: teaching about climate change
Zinn Education Project: Teaching a People’s History
For syllabi generally, see Essential Readings .
For Tech/Data People
Code Against Trump
Code for America, and their Brigades
Data for Democracy
Data Refuge, preserving climate-related data from the federal government
Debug Politics, hosting events aimed at converting the tech community’s frustration with politics into meaningful action
Equality Labs
Netroots Nation, an organization and conference on increasing effectiveness in using technology to influence the public debate
Organizing 2.0, a collective of communicators and online organizers working for unions and social justice activists
Personal Democracy, conference exploring and analyzing technology’s impact on politics, government, and society; a project of Civic Hall
Progressive Coders Network
Ragtag: tech-generation volunteers and activists
RedadAlertas, an app being developed through GitHub to warn people of ICE raids—help with coding!
Tech Forward
Technical Majority, aggregation of tech/activism groups
Tech Resistance
Web of Change, an annual conference that brings together the foremost thinkers and doers in social media, digital strategy and social change
Data Analysis and Visualization Data Analysis and Visualization
Data Analysis Tools
Dataviz.tools has a range of data analysis and viz resources
Google, compile data
R Project, analyze data
Geometry of Redistricting: Summer School, a summer course from Tufts to teach mathematicians to be expert witnesses in gerrymandering cases
Data Visualization Tools
Pik to Chart, create infographics
Tableau, create visually appealing charts and graphs
Carto, mapping visualization tool
Data Sources
Open Street Map, an open source repository of geographic data
Civil Rights Data Collection, data on educational inequities
Data for Democracy
Data Refuge, preserving climate-related data from the federal government
Fatal Encounters, police violence database
Global Nonviolent Action Database
Mapping Police Violence, police violence data and analysis
National Equity Atlas, find data on racial and socioeconomic inequities
Nonviolent and Violent Campaigns and Outcomes (NAVCO) Data Project, data for evaluating resistance campaigns
Southern Poverty Law Center, data on hate crimes and activity
Internet Archive (WayBack Machine)
Learning Tools Learning Tools
See also Essential Readings and Resources for Teachers.


The Axe Files
Can He Do That
Code Switch
The Ezra Klein Show
The FourFiftyOne
Indivisible from WNYC (not related to the Indivisible Guide)
Intelligence Squared
Interracial Jawn
Off Kilter, about poverty and inequality
Pod Save America
The Q2 Podcast
Resistance Radio
The Trump Scorecard
The Weeds

Immigration Rights Teach-In and Know Your Rights Presentations—see also Immigration Crisis Resources
Teach-In on Resisting Muslim Registries
Teach-in on Civil Liberties
Trump and the Constitution (NYU Law)
The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives
Obamacare repeal/replace explanation, from John Oliver
Breaking Out of the Media Bubble
Polar News: pairs articles on various sides of the issues

 Additional Links:


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