One Year Later – The Pulse Nightclub shooting

Attempted Journalism

Foreword: Here’s an article I’ve worked on for the past couple months, and have been going back and forth on. I eventually decided to put it up, because it is as well done as I can make it, plus Journalism, though amateur, unprofessional as mine is, needs to start somewhere. So here it is, hopefully it isn’t too offensive, ridiculous or pointless.

The pulse nightclub shootings, one of the deadliest shootings in US history. It is an event which sparked debate and curiosity, and these things often do. An event which brung such issues as Gun Control and Immigration to the forefront of the publics mind. However these issues, though important, are not the subject of this article. Though perhaps less significant, since around a year has passed and the event is well and truly over, I find it important to talk about the reactions around the events, and how I personally dislike them.

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