Please, Just Stop!

Mental Health Cop

There is a commonly occurring scenario amongst our 999 colleagues in green and blue where they unwittingly conspire together to cause a nightmare! – and it needs to stop before someone is disciplined or even worse, hurt. I wouldn’t BLOG on this unless it had happened a large number of times and I’ll prepare you: I’m unapologetically bangingonat length in this one to set it all out again(!) because it really grinds my gears how often I hear of it! If you just want to skip to the punchline, there is a Quick Guide on responding to mental health crisis in private premises.

The scenario usually goes something like this –

Paramedics attend a 999 call reporting a mental health crisis on private premises. When they arrive they discover a non-compliant patient in distress and after talking to them, they form a view the person has…

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