You need to watch Detroit: Film Review 

Cici Must SEE

The summer of 1967, Detroit, we witness the opening scene of police brutality, abused citizens outraged by their treatment. As riots continue to escalate the police begin their search for a sniper. However, they fail to find one, so these crooked cops create one. They raid a motel filled with 7 young black male guest and racial assault them. The men are beaten, and eventually three of the young men are murdered. Will Poulter plays a racist cop Krauss and he is good. He is very convincing and he digs deep into the mind of an evil racist.

It’s a tough watch, but it is worth a watch.

Director Kathryn Bigelow illustrates this racial hatred, in an unfiltered, and uncensored way. Using her classic horror techniques Bigelow’s explosive cinema tactics work well in this movie.

Whilst John Boyega is the star of the movie, we don’t see much of him…

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