Mental Health Awareness: Resource and Support Links


Support Groups

For Parents
For Military Veterans

Healthy Living

Find Help

“Mental Health America”

Mental Health Resources


Community Network Services Resources


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  1. We are what I would to consider the Chosen Few….the ones that can stand right next to you and not know what they have been through. The ones who Pride themselves on blending in and looking just like you but if you take the time to look inside there is also some of you. People are quick to say that we are crazy too but take the time to look at you before making a judgement while just passing through. An individual’s Life is a book… if you start in the middle you have no idea what came before you began to turn the pages. We are so misunderstood….. people use the word crazy too often and I say that we are Not. Our emotions are just more sensitive to the Past trauma we have endured. Have you ever walked into a room and can’t handle all the emotion that you feel from others or try to complete a task and just can’t grasp the inner you to take on the world and laugh? Mental Illness is not for the weak. You wna watch? Take a seat cuz if you don’t you will definitely miss the beat. We all have basic needs that we possess. It’s just that we need more understanding, we need more people to listen, we need more compassion and that is what we simply want for others. We may be flawed but I believe that the World still needs us all💚💜 Share if u care


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