Two Poems about “Institutional Racism” in America by John Kaniecki



Police Brutality
By John Kaniecki
“John Wayne lived in vain
There’s an army of blue
Machine gun ready too
Clinically insane
We have transformed
From ‘citizens’ to ‘civilians’
They have conformed
To the greater of sins
The law is above the law
Bulldog of the elite
America’s tragic flaw
Apple pie bitterly sweet
I’ll never understand
The death of Sandra Bland
At an arrogant wicked hand
Suicide they lied
The ghost of Emit Till
Haunts us still
And it always will
Cause pigs in uniform get a thrill
Of making the kill
As if we are some sort of game
It is such a shame
And if they do admit to some wrong
It’s the same old song
Administrated leave
While a ‘thorough’ self investigation is made
While families grieve
The cop gets fully paid
And past a year down the line
A grand jury declares
Thanks for your prayers
And that all is fine
Rodney King
Is still happening
Day after day after day
And if the truth you speak
Your future is bleak
So they say
Police and thieves such a wicked game
And in the long run
When all is said and done
Police and thieves they are the same
As they arrest you with delight
“These handcuffs were meant to be tight”
God knows it ain’t right
It’s time to fight”






Confront White Supremacy
By John Kaniecki
“The theory of white supremacy
Is satanic ideology
The notion that one is better by the color of their skin
Is toxic sin
These ‘clowns’ are a cowardly lot
Hiding behind sheets of white
Burning crosses in the night
But our history we have not forgot
For when racists gain the upper hand
Terror reigns supreme in the land
So we must pull out these evil weeds
Before racism manifests and molests
With wicked deeds
The ghost of Emit Till I hear him cry
Still asking the haunting question of
The fight for slaves to be free
The horror of Wounded Knee
Atrocity after atrocity
Darkening America’s history
Whether at home or on some foreign shore
White supremacy wages its diabolical war
It is high time to demand “NO MORE!!!”
Truly hatred simmers in many a heart
Our differences divide and tear us apart
Yet we are human beings each and every one
And truly we must unite
To fight for what is right
Together we shall overcome
Let us boldly declare far and near
We will not tolerate
Doctrines of hate
For bullies feast on fear
Divided we shall fall prey
United we will win the day
Understand the there is great work to be done
The battle is won only in the mind
By Loving actions kind
Charity for all malice to none
Look into heaven see the sky
A rainbow shining never to die
I firmly believe
As we give so shall we receive
So join with me
Confront white supremacy
Come heed the call
White supremacy is an enemy to all”



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