Five Major World Religions – What Are They?

"BUDDHISM: Worldwide: est. over 400 million; U.S.: est. 1.5 million CHRISTIANITY: Worldwide: est. 1.973 billion; U.S.: est. 135 million HINDUISM: Worldwide: est. 820 million; U.S.: est. 1.5 million ISLAM: Worldwide: est. 1.28 billion; U.S.: est. 6 million JUDAISM: Worldwide: est. 14.2 million; U.S.: est. 6 million America has become a symbol of hope for many... Continue Reading →

“Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.” – Esther Lederer

In the long run we inevitably hurt ourselves more than others do. Someone in the past did something that we found hurtful. They did or said something, or failed to do or say something, and we experienced physical or emotional hurt. It’s bound to happen. Each instance of hurt only happened one time in our... Continue Reading →

“How Detroit Became the World Capital of Staring at Abandoned Old Buildings”

November 9, 2012 Illustration by Tom Gauld By MARK BINELLI For decades, a succession of city officials has struggled mightily to rebrand Detroit’s battered image. Their ideas have included casino gambling, an ’80s festival mall, new ballparks, hosting a Formula One grand prix, hosting a Super Bowl, even commissioning (this was Mayor Coleman Young, in... Continue Reading →

“Native Americans and the (U.S.) Federal Government”

      Written by: Andrew Boxer   At the start of the twentieth century there were approximately 250,000 Native Americans in the USA – just 0.3 per cent of the population – most living on reservations where they exercised a limited degree of self-government. During the course of the nineteenth century they had been... Continue Reading →

Names of Every #GOP Member of the US #ElectoralCollege, by State

(Some states may be missing. That indicates that the data was incomplete at the time this was published.) ALABAMA (GOP) Frank Burt, Jr. Will Sellers Jim Wilson Tim Wadsworth Elbert Peters Mary Sue McClurkin Bob Cusanelli Perry Hooper Jr. Grady Thornton ALASKA (GOP) Sean Parnell Jacqueline Tupou Carolyn Leman ARIZONA (GOP) Bruce Ash Walter Begay... Continue Reading →

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