Names of Every #GOP Member of the US #ElectoralCollege, by State

(Some states may be missing. That indicates that the data was incomplete at the time this was published.) ALABAMA (GOP) Frank Burt, Jr. Will Sellers Jim Wilson Tim Wadsworth Elbert Peters Mary Sue McClurkin Bob Cusanelli Perry Hooper Jr. Grady Thornton ALASKA (GOP) Sean Parnell Jacqueline Tupou Carolyn Leman ARIZONA (GOP) Bruce Ash Walter Begay... Continue Reading →

“The Right’s Ayn Rand Hypocrisy”

By Elizabeth Stoker, Salon March 2, 2014   "Conservatives booted atheists from CPAC, but love a raging anti-Christian. The reason has to do with economic greed. Earlier this week, CNN reported that American Atheists, an advocacy group for atheists and atheism, would have a booth at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference. The idea behind... Continue Reading →

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