“Amending the Constitution: A Civics Test Americans Need to Pass”

During this unsettled time in our nation’s history, the durability of our constitutional democracy is being tested in unprecedented ways. The bizarre events unfolding daily turn some of the most well-known constitutional provisions on their heads, and put rarely invoked ones in the national spotlight. For better or for worse—but mostly for worse—the current political scene compels us to brush off our civics textbooks to better understand these threats.

Trump’s Russian Laundromat | New Republic

"How to use Trump Tower and other luxury high-rises to clean dirty money, run an international crime syndicate, and propel a failed real estate developer into the White House. BY CRAIG UNGER July 13, 2017 In 1984, a Russian émigré named David Bogatin went shopping for apartments in New York City. The 38-year-old had arrived … Continue reading Trump’s Russian Laundromat | New Republic

“The Case for Resistance”

By: Randall Kennedy "There is no common ground to be had with the Trump administration. Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the United States. That is sobering because he is glaringly unsuited for any significant public office, much less the most important in our country and indeed the world. Nothing about his … Continue reading “The Case for Resistance”

#Photography: “68 Exquisite #Photos of #Women Resisting Around the World”

By Emma Gray , Damon Dahlen "An essential part of any functioning democracy is the freedom of its people to assemble and resist. In the context of an American president and administration whose policy agenda and rhetoric are opposed by more than half of the country, The Resistance has come to symbolize that majority opposition. … Continue reading #Photography: “68 Exquisite #Photos of #Women Resisting Around the World”

UPDATED: #TheResistance: American Advocacy Tools

  Click Here for the Original Source with Live Links: https://www.resistancemanual.org/Tools_of_Resistance Intervening to Stop Everyday Injustices Active Bystander Strategies from NYU Intervention and Deescalation Resources Roundup on #YouOKSis Street Harassment: A Bystander's Guide by Hollaback Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks by the Barnard Center for Research on Women What to do if you are witnessing … Continue reading UPDATED: #TheResistance: American Advocacy Tools